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Game Summary

 Game Summary
Friday, February 26, 2010
Swan Valley Stampeders1214
Portage Terriers1113
Period 1 Summary
TimeTeamScoring Summary
2:19SV 16 Myles Stevens (4 Brent Wilson)
13:00POR 16 Phil Letkeman (3 Josh Dufresne, 9 Tyler Moore)
TimeTeamPenalty Summary
17:57SV14 Shelby Gray, Slashing, 2 minutes
17:57POR27 Kyle Turgeon, Tripping, 2 minutes
18:45SV5 Paul Bonar, Roughing, 2 minutes (PP)
19:02POR16 Phil Letkeman, Unsportsmanlike Conduce, 2 minutes
19:02SV3 Cody Straker, High Sticking, 2 minutes (PP)
19:02SV3 Cody Straker, High Sticking, 2 minutes
Period 2 Summary
TimeTeamScoring Summary
2:29POR 23 Shaquille Merasty (14 Cole Brunet, 9 Tyler Moore) PP
15:15SV 9 Darcy Riddell (15 Ryan Marshall, 11 Carter Selinger)
16:58SV 18 Chris Reimer (14 Shelby Gray, 3 Cody Straker) PP
TimeTeamPenalty Summary
0:00POR12 Graham Dyck, Roughing After the Whistle, 2 minutes (PP)
0:37SV4 Brent Wilson, Slashing, 2 minutes (PP)
5:54POR10 Micheal Yovanic, Roughing, 2 minutes (PP)
9:14POR29 Justin Perreaux, Cross Checking, 2 minutes (PP)
16:07POR4 Justin Minoletti, Interference, 2 minutes (PP)
17:11SV9 Darcy Riddell, Charging, 2 minutes (PP)
Period 3 Summary
TimeTeamScoring Summary
0:26SV 16 Myles Stevens (3 Cody Straker, 18 Chris Reimer) PP
11:34POR 7 Rene Hunter (9 Tyler Moore, 29 Justin Perreaux) PP
TimeTeamPenalty Summary
0:35SV5 Paul Bonar, Interference, 2 minutes (PP)
4:05POR24 Cory More, High Sticking, 2 minutes (PP)
8:53POR5 Zach Tully, Checking from Behind, 2 minutes (PP)
8:53POR5 Zach Tully, Game Misconduct, 10 minutes
10:56POR4 Justin Minoletti, Roughing, 2 minutes
10:56SV9 Darcy Riddell, Roughing After the Whistle, 2 minutes (PP)
10:56SV9 Darcy Riddell, Roughing, 2 minutes
11:56SV4 Brent Wilson, Elbowing, 2 minutes (PP)
15:47SV7 Dylan Trowell, Hooking, 2 minutes (PP)
16:25POR15 Stephane Pattyn, Tripping, 2 minutes
17:11SV18 Chris Reimer, Cross Checking, 2 minutes (PP)
19:25SV18 Chris Reimer, Slashing, 2 minutes (PP)
20:00POR9 Tyler Moore, Roughing, 2 minutes
20:00POR24 Cory More, Roughing, 2 minutes
20:00POR24 Cory More, Slashing, 2 minutes
20:00SVBench penalty served by 4 Brent Wilson, Game Misconduct, 10 minutes
20:00SV4 Brent Wilson, Roughing, 4 minutes
20:00SV3 Cody Straker, Major- Match, 5 minutes
20:00SV3 Cody Straker, Spearing, 4 minutes
20:00PORBench penalty served by 9 Tyler Moore, Game Misconduct, 10 minutes
Swan Valley Stampeders
Goalie In Out Shots
Jayme JanzenPer 1, 0:00Per 3, 20:009-8-9
Portage Terriers
Goalie In Out Shots
Jason KasdorfPer 1, 0:00Per 3, 20:005-11-6
Swan Valley Stampeders
# Player G A Pts PIM
3Cody Straker02213
4Brent Wilson01118
5Paul Bonar0004
6Phillipe St-Laurent0000
7Dylan Trowell0002
8Connor Pennell0000
9Darcy Riddell1016
11Carter Selinger0110
12Kirk Mastad0000
14Shelby Gray0112
15Ryan Marshall0110
16Myles Stevens2020
18Chris Reimer1124
19Cramer Coulthart0000
20Brad McDonald0000
21Terrence Jorgenson0000
23Jeff Peel0000
29Jayme Janzen0000
33Caden Unger0000
39Jordan Sinclair0000
Portage Terriers
# Player G A Pts PIM
1Jordan Washburn0000
3Josh Dufresne0110
4Justin Minoletti0004
5Zach Tully00012
7Rene Hunter1010
9Tyler Moore03312
10Micheal Yovanic0002
12Graham Dyck0002
14Cole Brunet0110
15Stephane Pattyn0002
16Phil Letkeman1012
18Andrew Wiebe0000
19Luke MacInnis0000
21Kyle Krzyzaniak0000
22Kajon McKay0000
23Shaquille Merasty1010
24Cory More0006
27Kyle Turgeon0002
29Justin Perreaux0112
33Jason Kasdorf0000
Game Info
Powerplays: Swan Valley Stampeders: 2-6, Portage Terriers: 2-10
Played at: Portage, Attendance: 1054
Start Time: 7:30 PM, End Time: 9:50 PM

Kerry Fidierchuk (Referee), Chad Green (Linesman), Terry Luke (Linesman)