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Game Summary

 Game Summary
Sunday, September 26, 2010
Swan Valley Stampeders0202
Winnipeg Saints0426
Period 1 Summary
TimeTeamScoring Summary
No Scoring
TimeTeamPenalty Summary
4:20WSABench penalty served by 11 Scott Cannon, Too Many Men, 2 minutes (PP)
6:36SV14 Shelby Gray, Hooking, 2 minutes (PP)
13:43SV96 Rob Paulsen, Roughing, 2 minutes (PP)
18:18WSA21 Jordan Davies, Slashing, 2 minutes (PP)
Period 2 Summary
TimeTeamScoring Summary
3:14WSA 21 Jordan Davies (16 Brett Chartier, 22 Cole Pruden) PP
7:13SV 4 Brent Wilson (21 Terrence Jorgenson, 8 Connor Pennell)
9:34WSA 22 Cole Pruden (16 Brett Chartier, 14 Tim Hayduk) PP
10:45WSA 22 Cole Pruden (16 Brett Chartier, 24 Paul Crane) PP
12:25SV 14 Shelby Gray (9 Clark Byczynski, 4 Brent Wilson) PP
19:43WSA 18 Jordyn Boyd (21 Jordan Davies, 14 Tim Hayduk) PP
TimeTeamPenalty Summary
2:16SV21 Terrence Jorgenson, Interference, 2 minutes (PP)
8:20SV19 Cramer Coulthart, Tripping, 2 minutes (PP)
10:19SV8 Connor Pennell, Hooking, 2 minutes (PP)
11:54WSA11 Scott Cannon, Holding, 2 minutes (PP)
19:33SV4 Brent Wilson, Roughing, 2 minutes (PP)
Period 3 Summary
TimeTeamScoring Summary
4:07WSA 18 Jordyn Boyd (16 Brett Chartier, 8 Richard Little)
12:20WSA 14 Tim Hayduk (8 Richard Little, 16 Brett Chartier) PP
TimeTeamPenalty Summary
6:44SV11 Dylan Reimer, Slashing, 2 minutes (PP)
9:19WSA22 Cole Pruden, Elbowing, 2 minutes
9:19WSA3 Matt Hannibal, Roughing After the Whistle, 2 minutes (PP)
9:19SV25 Jeff Riddell, Roughing After the Whistle, 2 minutes
10:44SV23 Jeff Peel, High Sticking, 2 minutes (PP)
18:47WSA4 Jeff Mitchell, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 2 minutes (PP)
Swan Valley Stampeders
Goalie In Out Shots
Jayson ArguePer 1, 0:00Per 3, 20:008-19-12
Winnipeg Saints
Goalie In Out Shots
Brent WolfePer 1, 0:00Per 3, 20:0013-5-10
Swan Valley Stampeders
# Player G A Pts PIM
3Michael Butler0000
4Brent Wilson1122
7Dylan Trowell0000
8Connor Pennell0112
9Clark Byczynski0110
11Dylan Reimer0002
12Jesse Enns0000
14Shelby Gray1012
16Eric Rochefort0000
17Brendan Mitchell0000
19Cramer Coulthart0002
20Brad McDonald0000
21Terrence Jorgenson0112
23Jeff Peel0002
25Jeff Riddell0002
26Luke Hill0000
29Jayson Argue0000
35Dylan Wells0000
39Josh Little0000
96Rob Paulsen0002
Winnipeg Saints
# Player G A Pts PIM
3Matt Hannibal0002
4Jeff Mitchell0002
7Kevin Trapmore0000
8Richard Little0220
9Kyle Bodnaruk0000
10Kevin Shek0000
11Scott Cannon0004
12Dylan Pascoe0000
13Shane Gingera0000
14Tim Hayduk1230
16Brett Chartier0550
18Jordyn Boyd2020
21Jordan Davies1122
22Cole Pruden2132
24Paul Crane0110
25Brad Olynyk0000
26Chris Popel0000
30Brent Wolfe0000
35Michael Deslauriers0000
Game Info
Powerplays: Swan Valley Stampeders: 1-5, Winnipeg Saints: 5-8
Played at: St. Adolphe Arena, Attendance: 154
Start Time: 3:33 PM, End Time: 5:43 PM

Derek Reimer (Linesman), Marc Deschouwer (Linesman), Kyle Scrivens (Linesman)