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Tip A Saint Nite: Total Success

Friday, November 26, 2010

By Lorelei Leona

MJHL Web Correspondent


The Winnipeg Saints teamed up with Boston Pizza and the Kidney Foundation of Canada on Monday night for their third annual “Tip a Saint” event.


The entire Saints team came out to support the event, giving fans a chance to really interact with the players throughout the evening which was a tremendous success. In total, the Saints raised $2,000 in tips, a $600 increase from the year previous.


“It was very well received,” says David Anning, GM/Head Coach of the Saints on the evening’s events, “it’s our third year doing it and the restaurant and lounge were full throughout the evening.”


“I think the night was busier than most of the guys thought,” says Brett Chartier, “we really got to experience how hectic it is being a server, so sometimes we had some difficulty with that…plus approaching strangers and asking for their order was different too.”


With reservations and walk-ins filling up both the restaurant and lounge, the Saints were in for a busy night. The players participated in the evening in two shifts each lasting two hours, with thirteen guys working the first shift and twelve working the second, and were responsible for different aspects of the restaurant throughout the evening.


“There were guys that carried trays and took orders or cleaned tables, and some guys were responsible to seat people,” explains Saints captain, Cole Pruden.


With most of the players having no experience handling a tray, the task of not spilling drinks or dropping trays proved to be the most challenging for the team.


“No, I think we were all pretty lucky,” Pruden says with a laugh when asked if anyone managed to spill anything during the evening.


Pruden, who has participated in the event all three years, was among the players responsible for seating the guests and explaining the purpose and events of the evening to his tables, while first year participant Chartier, was in charge of selling the loonie stick.


“It was a Sher-Wood stick that the team donated…half of the sales in tickets we sold went towards the price of the stick and the other half went to the Kidney Foundation…we taped the toonies and loonies to it and someone won it,” Chartier explains.


“We are proud to be associated with such a wonderful hockey organization

and the group of young gentlemen you have, both on and off the ice,” says Heather Stanley, the Manitoba Branch Fundraising Coordinator for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.


And the patrons at Boston Pizza weren’t the only ones having a good time on Monday evening, as the Saints players made the most of participating in this team event.


“Getting to see everyone and to come out and do this for the Kidney Foundation,” Pruden says of his favorite part of the evening, “It’s not all the time you get to help support a good cause and have the whole team come out.”


“Mingling with people and having them asking how the season was going,” echoes Chartier of his favorite part of the evening, “we were able to get people interested in the MJ and give a good name to the team.”


Note to Fans: The Saints and Steelers play at Winnipeg's MTS Centre on Saturday night in the second annual Red River Showdown.


Game time is 7:30.



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