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Pistons continue to make positive strides

Saturday, December 11, 2010

By Lorelei Leona

MJHL Web Correspondent 


No one ever said winning was easy. Just ask the Toronto Maple Leafs. Or how about the Cleveland Indians?


Winning takes patience, skill, dedication, talent…..and in some instances, a wee bit of luck.


Management of the Steinbach Pistons can attest to all of these. Still in its infancy by hockey standards, the Piston organization is making positive strides in becoming a contender each and every game, recently reflected in an impressive five-game winning streak.


Starting off slow this season the Pistons hit a bit of a slump, dropping eight games in a row early on, but things turned around with the five-game winning streak, and wins in six of nine.


“We had a bad stretch there where we lost a lot of games in a row,” says head coach Rich Gosselin, “it wasn’t because we were playing that bad, we just weren’t scoring that many goals...most of those games we lost by one goal.”


“We’re finding a way for us to win games...the leadership on the team has been an important factor in that. We’ve managed to get a few wins in a row, boosting the guys’ confidence, so that goes a long way...it’s a big turnaround but we’ve worked hard in practice everyday.”


That leadership comes from a new face to the Pistons and current Player of the Week, Tanner Harms.


Harms, 20, joined the Pistons during the off-season and is already proving to be a valuable player, posting 25 points in 25 games, six of which have come on a power play.


“It feels really good,” Harms says of recently receiving the MJHL’s Player of the Week, “a lot of good players get it, so I’m really happy about it.”


“He’s a good hockey player and a big asset for our club,” Gosselin says of the star forward.


“He is showing tremendous leadership...he’s been on fire the last few weeks. The combination of his line with Cam Hildebrand and Mitch Chagnon is great, they get a long well on and off the ice...and their play is really showing now.”


Harms, who started playing hockey on an outdoor rink with his brother when he was six years old says he is enjoying the turnaround of the club, adding that the confidence they have gained over their last few wins is going to help with future games.


“We had a slow start...sometimes we got down two goals in the first five minutes,” he explains, “but we’ve done better on that recently...and that is giving us more confidence.”


After facing a few losses in a row some might expect the Pistons to get down on themselves, but Gosselin says that was not the case for this hard working team; instead they pulled together and focused on getting better.


“I can’t say it wasn’t frustrating when we were losing that many games in a row, especially when we played well enough to win those games,” says Gosselin.


“But I never saw players or anyone on the team get down on themselves. We worked hard and got better...and I think things will continue to get better.”


While Harms remains optimistic about his team’s success, he still partakes in a few pre-game superstitions...just in case.


“I have quite a lot actually...my jersey hasn’t been washed in a while,” Harms says of some of his superstitions.


And when asked whether or not that has produced any complaints from his teammates he laughs and says, “No, not yet anyways!”


Like confidence, respect and team work go a long way, and from the looks of things the Pistons may be the dark horse this season, as they consistently improve and elevate their game.


“I want to stay consistent,” Harms says of his goals for the season, “and hopefully help the team win some games.”



























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